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Argentina is probably one of the most attractive places for investment in e-commerce. According to Statista, 70% of its population used a smartphone in 2019, and this figure will increase to 75% in 2025. Fintech has also been on a steep rise. In 2018, the sector saw a growth of 80% in just 18 months. With the number of internet users reaching a new high, mobile adoption skyrocketing, and the access to financial services becoming easier for the locals, it is evident that Argentina is one of the countries to look out for.

Thus, e-commerce veterans are hurrying up to…

The betting industry is one of the challenging markets to work with. And payment provider can play a crucial role in the stability and overall success of the business. We discuss mutually beneficial relations with Dmitry Belianin, CMO of Parimatch International

Let’s begin with the betting markets. Are they equivalent to one another?

Markets are either grey and white. To operate on white markets, you need to get a license, often a local one. In a nutshell, this means high approval rates, trust payments.

In contrast, grey markets usually imply difficulties associated with the law and the system as a whole. Some licensing exists (e.g., the Curaçao license) or none at all, which is typical for so-called “closed” markets widely present in Asia, India being one example. There, betting is neither banned nor allowed.

Betting-related businesses experience a variety of problems that payment partners can easily solve.

During the pandemic, more and more businesses moved their operations online. This is a new field for many of them, and it can be tricky to choose the right one.

How To Choose E-commerce Platform In 2020

2020 is a challenging year for any business, be it a small local grocery store or a well-established investment bank. No matter the size, COVID-19 has affected more or less every industry, causing markets’ contraction and companies’ collapses. However, while many were struggling to stay afloat, the new trend started to take off — e-commerce adoption.

The reason is simple — people around the world began to follow social distance rules and turned to online communication, thus flooding the internet with “buy online” searches. On top of that, companies had to find a…

Whether you are expanding your business to accept online payments or starting a new business from scratch, it is essential to understand online payments processing, participants, and pricing methods before the first customer “checkout” clicks.

How does online card processing work?

We already know how much technology has contributed to strengthening companies in online businesses. Increasingly, the security and agility with which transactions are carried out enable a pleasant experience for the customer, and this is only possible with an excellent online processing system.

First, let’s take a look at the participants involved in the online processing system and give a brief description of what they do. Then, we will take a closer look at the online transaction process.

The Different Agents Involved In Online Card Processing

Amongst the many ways to spend money on the internet, iGambling really stands out. Online gaming has always been one of the most profitable and attractive fields for business owners to pursue, even when lacking expertise in this industry. Majority of the users of the online gaming world, criticize a platform based on the number of games in store for the players. A platform should be able to deliver a wide selection of games which could vary from poker, roulette, blackjack amongst others. This would help to increase the number of customers using the platform. …

When was by Coinspaid founded?

Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid is a sub-brand of CoinsPaid and a B2B payment service provider. The idea dates back to 2014 as software for cryptocurrency exchange. In 2019 when CEO Max Krupyshev came on board, we started to update the existing software to serve online business payment needs. Now Crypto processing by CoinsPaid provides companies with an API. It eliminates the difficulties of integrating cryptocurrencies as a payment method for goods and services. The merchant gets an instant payment method where the exchange rate is fixed at the time of completion.

xPP [xpate partnership program] allows businesses to increase revenue by referring merchants.

You will be earning and getting payouts to your own bank account after a very simple onboarding procedure that requires only FIVE documents.

Register to start via this link.

xPP turns difficult and time consuming onboarding process seamless.

You will be getting rewards while your merchants receive access to:

- Borderless payments in Asia, Europe and LatAm

- Subscription that allows to set up recurring payments on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

- Invoicing

- IBANs to get paid like a local with your own bank details

Banks. Love them or hate them; you must admit that they are necessary. If you listen to the news, you are constantly bombarded with the evils of the banking system—many rails against banks, demanding that they are broken up or more heavily regulated.

However, many do not realize that banks have been around even before the first currencies were minted. While they have become a more predominant part of society over the last 400 years, there is no doubt that they have played a significant role in society for 3000 years or more.

Let’s Understand What Banking Is Today


The banking industry has rapidly evolved over the past decade. Banks have become global institutions, operating in multiple countries worldwide — and, perhaps more importantly, online.

Modern customers have begun to place more importance on the online banking capabilities of their financial institutions. It’s forcing European banks to launch new products and adjust their digital strategies to keep up. Fewer customers are visiting local branches; in fact, reports claim that online banking is the chief cause of local bank branches’ disappearance across Europe. For example, Belgium saw an average 3.5% reduction in the number of branches each year since 2010…

Covid-19 has made a deep dent in the global economy. Many businesses have been forced to suspend operations or, in some cases, close their doors for good. Even though many businesses are suffering, there are still a few that are doing well. For instance, the online gambling industry is still thriving. While brick-and-mortar establishments have taken a hit over the past several months, their online counterparts have enjoyed increased revenues.

For example, the closing of New Jersey casinos in mid-March led to a 61.7% revenue drop compared to the previous year. Conversely, online casinos in the Garden State saw an…


xpate is the payments platform that prioritises simplicity, speed and user experience.

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