The trends of gambling in 2020. An interview with Dmitry Belianin, CMO of Parimatch International.

The betting industry is one of the challenging markets to work with. And payment provider can play a crucial role in the stability and overall success of the business. We discuss mutually beneficial relations with Dmitry Belianin, CMO of Parimatch International

Let’s begin with the betting markets. Are they equivalent to one another?

Dmitry Belianin, CMO of Parimatch International

Are there any issues that betting companies continuously face? What do they expect from a suitable payment provider?

Was there any shift in the industry during the pandemic?

Many experts keep mentioning black swan. While some believe it’s an apocalypse precursor, others see an opportunity and expect significant changes to arrive very soon. When it comes to bookmakers, how shall they perceive it?

So, when soccer was put on hold in all countries apart, Nicaragua and Belarus and users switched to esports. Wasn’t there a difference in the number of players after Bundesliga’s re-launch?

Does the African market differ from all the other countries?

What are the differences between the markets in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa?

Do you think this applies to payment system design? To what extent is it necessary to localise?

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